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What is a Saltwater Angel?

Saltwater Angels are everywhere. Some of them enjoy laying on the beach under the sun, relaxing to the sounds of the surf and the gulls overhead. Others get up at the crack of dawn and head out to the deep blue to enjoy the serenity of the sea with not a soul nor land in site, awaiting the scream of the drag to alert a fish on.

There are those that are fond of scuba diving through caves and with sharks, those that adore free-diving the reefs, snorkeling with manatees, surfing the waves, hunting scallops with their families and friends, spearfishing, catching lobsters, and bowfishing.

They are mothers building sandcastles with their little ones. They are sisters competing for the biggest fish. They are daughters just beginning their journey to becoming Saltwater Angels.

Saltwater Angel isn’t just a brand. It’s who we are.